The Road to Hollywood Runs Through Miami

I love writing about people, getting to ask questions about what they love and why, their life, how they got where they are and where they want to go. Reporting at The Miami Herald, I found out quickly that this is what fascinates me most.

So when I hear about someone interesting or someone doing something interesting, I see a fun story. During my last week at work, a friend was telling me about three sisters her and her sister went to school with. They are now filmmakers in NYC with their own production company, and raising money to make their first feature-length film in Miami. Loving everything Miami and movies, this piqued my interest. The result? This story here about the Cifuentes sisters and their movie, After the Wedding.

Take a read and if you can, donate to help make a dream come true for three talented women. Be sure to check out the cool Miami-inspired incentives they have for those who show support.

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