We Did It

Sometimes little accomplishments can feel better than achieving something major – like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Not that I’ve ever climbed Kilimanjaro, or any mountain for that matter. Hell, I can barely get myself to do all of my training for the half-marathon I am running in a few months. (Two to be exact.)

But back to the purpose of this post. This weekend I lugged out all of our holiday decorations. They were scattered in boxes in the back of the basement and up in the tippy top shelf of our garage organizer. It was a huge pain in the ass. But since I have been on this major organizing/purging kick, I figured this would be the perfect time to go through everything we have and pick some things that we no longer use to sell or give away.

Then I assembled our Christmas tree. By myself. I know in the grand scheme of life – when people are tackling world hunger, building schools in Africa and solving other incredibly important worldly issues – but for us it seemed big. It took me a little while (figuring out how to plug it all together since it is one of those fancy pre-lit trees with a gazillion plugs) but in the end, I figured it out. I put the garland on. Then we decorated it with ornaments.

In the process I realized that we have some traditions. Over the years, I have purchased an ornament whenever we are on vacation and I can find one with the name of the place we are visiting. They are mixed in with others given to us that mark pivotal life moments.

Logan was really excited to decorate the tree. I was thrilled, since lighting the tree every night as dusk falls is probably my favorite part of the holiday season.

Then I realized that he was just excited to hide the candy canes we bought inside the tree so no one else would find them and eat them. Since we bought them last week, he has repeatedly asked me all day long if he can eat one – even if he already had one that day.

L hiding the goods.

Then once the candy canes were done, he gave me his best, “This is so much work” sigh and asked if the tree was done yet.

Exhausted from all the manual labor.

I mean, I can understand. Those ornaments are really heavy.

Despite his exhaustion, he obliged and helped me finish the tree.

Do you think I’ll look this pretty when I finish running my 13.1 miles?

Or this cute?

I don’t think so either. See, I told you smaller accomplishments are better.

In other news, remember when I wrote about this cool couple who sold it all to travel the world? They asked me to share my story on their blog and published it this weekend. You can read it here.


  1. Your photos of Christmas ornaments are beautiful! And getting organized and decorating the tree is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! I am with you on that! We should always commend ourselves on achievements, big or little.