2012 in Photos

Like most Moms, I love capturing special moments on camera. I remember taking many pictures of Logan the first three months after he was born. I have way more pictures of him sleeping than I care to admit. Of course, capturing memories gained a whole new meaning when Nolan was diagnosed with cancer. But even then, it was hard to believe the worth those pictures would one day have.

But after he died, getting through the day felt like running an extra-long marathon. Then I would twist and turn in bed each night, trying to get as much sleep as possible before waking up to do it all over again.┬áTaking pictures and video were pushed to the back burner. For months, I only took some random photos on my phone. My video camera sat unused and untouched for more than a year. Actually two….nearly three. It is hard to imagine all the moments I missed that I will not have to share with Logan when he gets older.

But this year, I picked up the camera again. I actually bought my first DSLR. In addition to using it to take pictures for work assignments, I am also taking lots of pictures at home. I am still drawn to the small moments throughout the day – the way Logan plays on the bathroom floor while I get ready, the sun filtering in the backdoors in the late afternoon and Charlie, who is always at my feet.

As my excitement for the new year grew, I decided to compile my favorite pictures from 2012. While it was a not-so-stellar year, looking back through the pictures I remembered all of the positive things that happened. The years seem to fly by but combing through the pictures makes me realize how much gets crammed inside each one. Without looking back, many of the moments would go forgotten. But taking the time to click through the pictures took me back through the 12 months, one at a time. It made me more grateful for 2012 and even more invigorated to welcome another year.

Here’s a look at our 2012 in photos.

Happy New Year!


    • Thanks! It was a fun way to look back at the year. Song is Home by Phillip Phillips – one of my end-of-the-year favorites.

      Hope you, Frank and Eva had fun kicking off the New Year!