This Morning



This morning it rained. Not just a drizzle or a big, intruding storm, just rain. Where the skies are gray but not menacing and the pitter-patter of drops falling against the glass is followed by the soft sound of thunder far off in the distance.

I was already up with a cup of hot coffee in my bed, my laptop perched on my legs. I leaned my head back against the pillows and smiled when the rain began because I have missed it. I love summer and sun and flip-flops, but sometimes, the heat just seems so exhausting. The sun makes you feel like you have to be outside smiling all the time, doing something. But now, after a few months, I am tired of the brightness and the sunscreen and the bug bites. I want to be warm and cuddly in a sweater with sleeves long enough to cup around my hands and grab in my fists. I want an excuse to read a book all day by a fire (yea, like that ever happens, but still, a girl can dream) and to have a good, humid-free hair day, where my long hair keeps my neck warm instead of making it sweaty.

But that time has not come yet. Within an hour, Logan and Charlie were up. The house was awake. And the sun began to shine, telling me I needed to take off my sweatshirt jacket, put up my hair, start breakfast, break out the sunscreen and get ready to drive the brood of neighborhood kids to camp. Summer is still here. And even though my love for it has faded right now, I am going to try to enjoy it. Because I know nothing lasts forever.

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